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Hello, My name is Niq Howie. Owner of South Valley Visuals. I'm a wedding/portrait/event photographer and videographer based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. 
 I started off as hobby videographer when I was 13, making silly movies with my best friend. Throughout middle school and highschool I would continue to create small films for my own enjoyment, I graduated from LCHS in 2009 purchased my first camera, a Canon t1i, and went straight to college to study my hearts desire. After studying in the Creative Media program at NMSU/DACC, I lost touch with what once my absolute favorite hobby. The film crew life didnt appeal to me, and neither did large production gigs. Throughout the years I purchased a T2i, and a T3i, and shot with several DSLR/Full Frame cameras, but only used them for fun. After shooting strictly Canon for the better part of 7 years, I began to discover the limitless boundaries of photography, after stumbling upon Sony's mirrorless systems. I sold off all my Canon equipment after purchasing a Sony A6000 back in 2016. I now primarily shoot with a Sony a6500, along with Sony, Sigma, and a few vintage canon FD lenses.
My goal is to offer premium quality pictures, at the fraction of the cost the market offers. Photography is a way to encapsulate precious and valuable moments, and everyone deserves to have a physical reminder of those particular instances that make life so astounding. 
I also have a nonprofit partition to my business, and will be offering FREE 30 minute sessions to those who are battling cancer, and any other debilitating diseases. In honor of my dear friend Marisa Pino, who left this earth 06-09-2009
I decided to launch South Valley Visuals in early 2018, and will cater to the surrounding areas of southern New Mexico, and hope to travel nationally and someday, internationally.
I truly am so grateful for your time, and hope you enjoy my ever growing portfolio!  Have a wonderful day, and don't hesitate to contact me below, with ANY questions or comments you may have about Pricing and date availability.
Thank you!
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